My First Bald Eagle

Written by matt1171 on January 19th, 2010

Made a trip to Holla Bend yesterday to see what I could see. Saw 5 bald eagles, two swans, and 3 armadillos. Tried to take some shots of the eagles but really couldn’t get close enough to get a good one with my Sigma 12-400 OS on my D300. Then I remembered that I had my 2x teleconverter in the bag and that it would work with that lens…in manual focus. I figured I could manual focus on an eagle in a tree so I set off toward a tree with two eagles in it. Still didn’t get as close as I would have liked. The larger eagle started to take off so I did the best I could to capture it with the manual focus and this was the best I got. Even at 800mm (1200mm equivalent?) this is still a 100% crop of the photo. I guess I’m gonna have to get my ground blind out and go hang out for the day.

Yes, I know that if you aren’t into photography all you read was “Bald Eagle…not close enough…blah blah blah.”

Bald Eagle at Holla Bend


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