Engagement shoot in Downtown LR

Written by matt1171 on December 18th, 2009

I did an engagement shoot at the River Market area in Downtown Little Rock this afternoon. The wonderful couple was an old friend of mine that I graduated from high school with, Chris, and his fiance Jennifer. My friend and fellow photographer Todd joined us to be my assistant. We had such a great time. The light was great, the locations were great and Chris and Jennifer were a lot fun to work with. Plus, Todd and I always have fun shooting together. His being there helping me out really made a difference. While I was worried about shooting angles and exposure and the technical aspects of the shoot, he was holding a reflector for me, making suggestions for poses, and checking to make sure Jennifer’s hair wasn’t blowing crazy. Those stray hairs can really mess up a great photo. It’s great to have a second set of eyes on a shoot like this.

Only two things went wrong with the shoot – there were way too many cool places to shoot near the River Market and not enough time to shoot there, and I now know that I don’t own enough memory cards. I filled up 4 cards on this shoot – two 4gigs, 1 2gig and 1 1gig for a total of 11 gigs worth of photos. Toward the end I was having to go through the photos on my camera to delete bad photos in order to take more photos in new locations we discovered. That’s the first time I’ve ever filled up all my cards on one shoot. But we were having fun and got lots of great photos. So the lesson learned here is…I need more and bigger memory cards for my camera. Good thing its Christmas time!!!

I’ll post some of the photos here as soon as Chris and Jennifer have had a chance to see them – probably after Christmas.


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