Tenaya – Playing with Light

Written by matt1171 on October 11th, 2010

I had the fun, new opportunity to do a portrait session at night… 10:30 at night actually. A friend of mine at work asked me to take photos of her daughter and her date before they went to the homecoming dance Friday night. I thought this would be a great chance to experiment with using off-camera flashes at night to create some unique lighting. I love shots at night that backlight the subject with a ring of light and I thought I could use that idea in a new way. My buddy and fellow photographer, Todd, joined me in downtown to help me with the lighting. After scoping out the options downtown, we decided to focus out efforts in one of the alleys that had a cool metal staircase.

We decided to go with a simple two light setup because didn’t have want to take too much time with lights so they could get to the dance – one for the backlight and one firing through an umbrella for the front. For the staircase shots, we placed the flash on the ground so it fired up through the stairs creating a cool lighting effect. Here are some of the photos…


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