Daddy-Daughter Adventures

Written by matt1171 on April 11th, 2010

Abby and I had a rare afternoon alone yesterday so we decided to go on a daddy-daughter adventure. Abby looked through my Waterfall Guidebook and chose to go to the Falling Water Creek area and hit a few waterfalls and do some exploring. I have been to this area several times over the last few years and never get tired of going there. I was a little concerned about the water level since that area hasn’t had any rain in a week. I’ve been to Falling Water Creek when the water was very low and I’ve been when the water was really high – too high to cross the creek.

Our first stop was Falling Water Falls. My concerns about the water level was all for nothing. The water level was perfect!! I’ve never seen it better. Not too low, not too high…just right. The only thing that wasn’t perfect was the sunshine – way too much sunshine for really good waterfall photos. Cloudy days are best for shooting waterfalls. However, I had two things working for me – one, photography wasn’t my purpose for the trip. It was to introduce Abby to this spectacular area and just have some fun with her. And two, I had a strong neutral density filter for my camera to get some good photos anyway and my only photography goal I had was take a photo of Abby at each waterfall.

Abby looking out over Falling Water Falls

Abby at Falling Water Falls

Abby enjoying Falling Water Falls

Abby was amazed at Falling Water Falls. The water was so clear and the pool was such a deep emerald color. We both wish we had brought a change of clothes so we could jump in or at least sit down in the rushing water. Our feet and legs would be the only things to enjoy to cool water as we made our way across the creek. Abby was torn between staying here and exploring the creek or moving on downstream in the car to Six Finger Falls. She wanted to see Six Finger Falls so off we went.

Abby at Six Finger Falls

Six Finger Falls is a very unique place. The rocks the water comes over have been eroded away to form what sort of looks like fingers jutting out with the water running down in between each one. It’s a cool place with some huge boulders sitting in the creek and some neat places to explore.

One finger of Six Finger Falls

Six Finger Falls

Six Finger Falls

Just downstream from Six Fingers is a little canyon that is a magical place with another waterfall called Fuzzy Butt Falls. I won’t go into why it’s called that. As soon as you turn into the canyon, the temperature drops about 10 degrees and you can hear the waterfall in there. It’s not a very big waterfall but it’s very pretty with all the green moss and rugged canyon walls. Abby loved it in there ¬†and found a really cool rock that she placed in my backpack to bring home.

Fuzzy Butt Falls

Abby and Me at Fuzzy Butt Falls (no fuzzy butts here)

From there we went back to the car to grab our snacks and drinks and sat out by Six Finger Falls to enjoy the break then spent some time wading in the creek up stream and downstream. Abby wasn’t very happy when it was time to head home and begged me to stay a little longer. There were more waterfalls in the area she wanted to see and more parts of the stream to explore. I told her that just gave us a good reason to come back and more to look forward to.

Downstream from Six Finger Falls


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